The Best Recipe Apps for Free

The best cooking apps shouldn’t cost you as much as a 5-star restaurant meal. Why spend that money when you can cook the meals yourself? No need to scramble looking for a cookbook when you can use your smartphone and tablets when cooking.  Access thousands of recipes at the tap of a button and even have tailored searches to your needs.

Here are some of the free recipe apps you can find on app stores.

The app has one of the largest recipe databases out there. Almost 500,000 recipes for you to choose from. The app also has many features such as menu creation and grocery list suggestions.  You also have a healthy option for your recipe of choice according to dietary requirement and food preferences. It even has support for searching local grocery stores for your shopping list for the best price. As a database, you can also scour recipes from other sites for you to bookmark.


While it doesn’t have the database as large as, BigOven still has a hefty 350,000 recipes. The app has a meal planner function, grocery list and a social media network that allows you to share your recipes. Create the exact recipe or make a new one to keep your taste buds excited.

Jamie Oliver’s Recipes

Follow the steps of the popular chef, Jamie Oliver as he releases new creations. His recipes are good for dinner parties, snacks or everyday meals.  The app also provides video tutorials and a guide with photos to help you learn difficult parts in the recipe.


Yummly joins the list of best recipe apps but technically it doesn’t have a sole contributor or own database. The app is an aggregator that scours different websites for recipes. Compare the same recipe from different sites so you can choose the best version for you. Yummly is like Agoda or only it’s for recipes. Your search can also be filtered according to your preferences including health considerations like allergies.

Allrecipes Dinner Spinner

Considered as the tinder of easy to follow recipe apps. The Allrecipes Dinner Spinner allows you to swipe right on anything you don’t like. An algorithm remembers your choices and as you go along, more choices catered to your preferences will show up more often. As a recipe app, you get to use easy to follow step-by-step cooking videos.

Enjoy discovering recipes and creating your own. You don’t have to rely on index cards, pieces of paper or heavy cookbooks. Access recipes right at your fingertips with your smartphone, tablets or other devices.