Tech That Makes Food Prep Easy

Nutritionists and trainers all say the same thing – when it comes to losing weight, food prep is essential. Buying tons of healthy food won’t make a difference if you don’t eat it. Or when you’re on a quick lunch break at work and don’t have time to fuss about food. Ordering food or hitting the drive-thru seems easier than taking a long time to prep healthy food. So you tell yourself you’ll eat healthy tomorrow and go for fast food.

Take one weekend day each week and spend it preparing and portioning healthy foods. You will get food ready to go when you get home and you’re exhausted. Or when you need a fast but healthy lunch. And now there are amazing kitchen gadgets that can make healthy food prep a breeze like.

food prep
Preparing Fresh Salads For Lunch

Innovate Mini Sealer

This little gadget will get used more than almost anything else in your kitchen. It quickly and easily vacuum seals food in plastic bags for freezing or to put in the fridge. You can also use it to make your own pre-portioned packs of trail mix and healthy snacks. You can make sandwiches or salads for every day of the week and seal them in individual bags. Grab and go in the morning and you have a fresh and healthy lunch every day. When you pack your own healthy snacks and leave them on your desk you won’t be tempted to grab chips or candy. Look up other food recipes on your phone, when you’re not using a cell phone spy.

Meal Prep Containers

These handy containers are an absolute must for meal prep. You can buy them in bulk online and they are not very expensive. Portioned plastic containers with lids, similar to take out containers but are sturdy and reusable. You can portion and pack dinner for your entire family and freeze each one. So that all you have to do is heat up dinner when you get home. Or you can pack and portion lunches and snacks for your kids and for yourself. You can even portion out breakfast at night and leave it in the fridge. This way you can grab a healthy breakfast on your way out the door. You will find a thousand ways to use these little containers.

food prep
Cutting Up Vegetables

Two-Tiered Silicon Steamer

If you’re looking for a food steamer, you’re in luck. Amazon has a two-tier vegetable steam basket for only $24. Allowing you steam vegetables and rice for a quick lunch. Or steam some chicken and vegetables for dinner. These are just some examples of the many foods you can cook with the two-tiered silicon steamer. This makes food prep a lot faster and easier. Then portion them into your plastic containers and you have lunches and dinners all cooked. And portioned for the entire week ahead. If you prepare a food prep, you can eat healthy even when you feel exhausted.