Parent Monitoring – Keeping Your Children Safe in 2019

The world is a scary place for a child right now, criminals are closer than ever thanks to technology. There are criminals who use smartphones, laptops and other devices to commit crimes and your child could be a target. That’s not mentioning the media showing a lot of violent shows and developers producing violent games.

Cybercrimes, Negative Influences, and Your Child

These are the various ways your children could be subjected to cybercrimes or be influenced by bad behavior.

R18+ Media and Games

It seems like violence is the norm in multi-media and you can’t be there physically to protect and guide your children and explain what he is seeing. Oftentimes, you’ll be leaving your children alone to their smartphones and tablets and they might pick up a bad habit or two.

Cyber Grooming

Another ugly thing on the internet is how criminals and perverts have used it to groom children. Grooming is essentially desensitizing kids to bad behavior. These can be done with messages through SMS or chat apps. There are two major types of groomers.

  • Pedophiles – They attempt to normalize sex with minors and influence your kids into early sex. They can also take videos and pictures of your children to trade or sell them to other perverts.
  • Criminals – They normalize drug use, stealing and more. Essentially, they pressure your children to commit crimes with them.


Your child is highly vulnerable to suggestions. Several cases have shown how unscrupulous individuals have influenced children to get the credit cards of their parents or access to the computer to grab important information.


What makes cyberbullying just as deadly as physical bullying is the fact that anyone can make an anonymous profile, dozens even to emotional hurt your children. The sheer magnitude of facing hundreds if not thousands of anonymous bullies can take its toll on your children.

How to Help Your Children

There are many ways for you to help your children with the problems brought about by technology. These are just some of the many solutions that you can employ.

Identify those Unknown Numbers

It would be a good idea to check your children’s contacts and call logs now and then. If there are any suspicious numbers or unknown numbers, a reverse number search will reveal the identity.

Limit Device Access

Probably the best way to reduce exposure to the dark side of technology. Don’t “give” a device, rather say it’s yours and you’re only loaning it after they’ve done their chores or homework.

Cyber Nanny Apps

Today, we have a bevy of cyber nanny applications and software. They can be installed on any device and will block access to websites and material that is considered unsafe.

Spy Apps

In the unlikely event that your child gets their own device (courtesy of doting grandparents or uncles and aunts) then the best way to monitor them is through spy applications. They are easy to use, and some companies have a one-time payment with free upgrades. No monthly fees so it won’t be expensive to protect your children.

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