Fortnite Updates

Fortnite updates are the reason I come back to the game time and time again. The same thing can be said for Pokemon Go but that is not my favorite name. Unfortunately, sometimes the game is offline because of all the Fortnite updates. But in the end, it’s better for the players to have a truly amazing gaming experience. So now I will go over will you all the recent updates. Also, I suggest the all-new Jurassic World audio game.

Canny Valley

What is Canny Valley you might ask? Well, this is a Fortnite update that involves a campaign in the near future. This brings you to the Arid parts of the game. With new and exciting places to explore for more weapons and materials. This will also answer the question about Dr. Vinderman. Is he a hero or a villain? I myself do not know. This is why I am so excited and will keep playing.

Fortnite updates
Sniping In Fortnite


This feature makes it easier to beat the storm and focus on specific configurations. This allows you to focus on specific rewards that you may want for your character. If you want a particular Constructor, you could be able to recruit them now. There are so many types of schematics now, trap schematics and weapon schematics. Although there will be some restrictions like on event items and  Founder’s weapons.

Challenging The Horde

This type of mode allows you to get into battle quicker if that’s what you’re into. You will have a pre-built base which is perfect for fighting enemies. However, in this mode, there will be less time to set traps and built structures to climb on. Of course, the difficulty will vary although this sounds tough already. If you feel unsure about this mode you may need to do some cell phone spying on others to know their moves.

Fortnite updates
Monsters In Fortnite

New Skins

Exciting things are here. Fortnite characters will be able to get new skins which are crazy cool. Some of the names of the new skins are Sleuth, Noir, Gumshoe and a Star Spangled Banner on the Fourth of July. While having skins isn’t the best part of the game, it definitely is fun. Also, it allows you to express yourself and your style from other peoples characters. I will probably choose the Star Spangled Banner one for the holiday. If you enjoyed this, check out my last post about tech items for food prepping.