fortnie 2

Fortnite Fever

I don't know if you can tell but I am outright obsessed with Fortnite. Even though the game is technically free, I have purchased a bunch of dance moves for my character. Also, I have purchased new avatars to play besides the guy or girl that is already given on the free account. Besides the actual game, I love breaking out some dance movies before the Battle Royale starts. Maybe you'll see me on there sometime as GareBear3670.

Meet Gary


"Gare bear"

Hello readers, my friends call me "Gare Bear" but we're not there yet. Maybe after reading a few posts, you'll be able to call me that. Anyway, I'ma software engineer by day and a gamer by night. I aspire to start my own YouTube gaming channel someday when I find the time. I know the market is saturated with gamers but for me, this is more about fun. I already have a great job but gaming is my passion.